Lab Assignments (Subject to Change)

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HBB: How big is big? (pdf)
HBB: How big is big? (docx)

VP: Vapor pressure (pdf)
VP: Vapor pressure (docx)

PCO: Pump cart orientation (pdf)
PCO: Pump cart orientation (docx)

Man: Manometer (pdf)
Man: Manometer (docx)

LT: Liquid tank (pdf)
LT: Liquid tank (docx)

P/F: Pipe and fittings (pdf)
P/F: Pipe and fittings (docx)

P/S: Parallel vs series flow (pdf)
Parallel vs series flow (docx)

CF: Choked flow (pdf)
Choked flow (docx)
Tank Blowdown Math
Mass flow meter manual

CI: Confidence intervals (pdf)

PC: Pump curve and efficiency (pdf)
Pump curve and efficiency (docx)

TBD: Tank blowdown (pdf)
Tank blowdown (docx)

EF: External Flow/Drag (pdf)
External Flow/Drag (docx)