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Homework 1 basics

Homework 2: arrays, fill, plotting

Homework 3: nonlinear equations

Homework 4: curve fitting

Homework 5: rate equations


Homework 6: python basics, variables

Homework 7: markdown, equations

Homework 8: functions

Homework 9: units, conditionals

Homework 10: loops

Homework 11: arrays

Homework 12: dictionaries

Homework 13: plotting and file i/o

Homework 14: modules and classes

Homework 15: integration

Homework 16: solving equations

Homework 17: solving equations

Homework 18: interpolation

Homework 19: curve fitting

Homework 20: rate equations

Homework 21: sympy

Homework 22: widgets/synthesis (not graded)

Read the homework and think carefully about how you would solve this. Try it out on your own. The key is provided, along with a video.