Homework 8

Problem 1

What are the two major types of solar technology for power generation?

Problem 2

What country has the most solar? Who uses the next most solar? How much more is the first than the second?

Problem 3

What is the name of the largest solar installation? Where is it located? How much power does it produce? Does it include energy storage systems? How does the power production compare to the largest coal fired power station ?

Problem 4

A stated capacity factor for solar is around 25%. Think about how you could estimate a capacity factor using the power curves for time of day and month of the year. You don’t have do actually do the calculation, though it is straightforward, if tedious, once you have an idea of what to do. Do you expect that sort of calculation to give a capacity factor higher or lower than the 25% number? What are the issues involved?

Problem 5

What is a typical PV cell efficiency?

Problem 5

Describe in your own words how a p-n junction works to produce solar power when exposed to sunlight? How much voltage is generated from a single cell, and how is that voltage increased to something more practical?

Problem 6

By what factor has PV module prices dropped by from 2009 to 2019? What were the two prices in those two years?