Assignment 4

Problem 1

Study and practice the Unix tutorial

Problem 2

In your directory of the fsl_groups/fslg_641/compute folder, setup and run the fire slope case for a 64 processor run, using the same resolution as the four processor case provided. Copy the data files to your own computer and visualize in Smokeview. Submit a screenshot of the visualization.

Problem 3

Use the Python tools provided to compute a mean and instantaneous (at some time) filled contour plot of the temperature and radiative fields for the results of Problem 2

Problem 4

Using the FDS documentation and various examples, set up and run your own unique simulation. Do this on the Fulton computer and run it on multiple processors. You will probably want to test it out on a local computer at lower resolution to make sure everything works correctly. Be creative. here are some ideas:

  • Simulate a canonical configuration, like a jet, or channel flow, and compare to experimental data of the velocity field.
  • Simulate an ethylene wall fire like that on the class website, and compare to experimental data. See this reference for details.
  • Do a parametric study of effect of wind speed, fire size, slope, etc., on the radiative intensity at various positions on the ground for a fire.
  • Investigate the effect or sensitivity of different models for a given simulation.