Homework 3

Problem 1

Turns 2.52. Use a chemical equilibrium package. See apps.ignite.byu.edu , or use Cantera, or another equilibrium package like Gaseq , or the NASA CEA code

Problem 2

Compare the adiabatic flame temperature for methane/air combustion to methane/oxygen combustion. Do this for adiabatic constant pressure (HP), and for adiabatic constant volume (UV). This can be done with the equilibrium tools at apps.ignite.byu.edu .

Problem 3

Read the notes and code for the element potential method for chemical equilibrium. Just state if you did this.

Problem 4

Compute the LHV for methane combustion using equilibrium products to the LHV given in Turns, which assumes products of complete combustion. At apps.ignite.byu.edu , the equilibrium or gas properties gives an output mole string that you can paste into the reactants composition box at the top. This allows you, for example, to find enthalpy of adiabatic equilibrium products at 298.15 K.

Problem 5

Turns 2.47