Homework 2

Problem 1

Turns 2.17

Problem 2

Turns 2.11

Problem 3

Plot profiles of complete combustion products for ethylene in air versus equivalence ratio for $0\le\Phi\le 10$. Include ethylene, CO2, H2O, O2, and N2. Make two plots, one for mole fractions and one for mass fractions. Include all species on each plot. That is, you will have two plots, each with 5 curves for each of the five species.

Problem 4

Repeate problem 3, but plot versus the mixture fraction $\xi$ for $0\le\xi\le 1$.

Problem 5

Compute the stoichiometric mixture fraction for a pure ethylene stream and a pure air stream.

Problem 6

For products of complete combustion of ethylene (stream 0) and air (stream 1) mixtures, plot the adiabatic flame temeprature as a function of mixture fraction. Include the stoichiometric point, and enough other points to see the shape of the curve.