For this project, you will work with a partner to find an article or topic in energy engineering and then give a 10 minute presentation to the class on either December 7 or December 12.

  • Option 1: current events article
    • Choose an article from a reputable news source, or from a scientific journal.
    • Include a summary of the article, the major findings, and key issues raised.
    • Feel free to include your own analysis: do you agree with the premise, are there things they missed.
    • You are free to use other supporting information if that makes sense for your discussion. Sometimes an article will link to other articles.
  • Option 2: Energy topic
    • Find a topic in energy that we did not cover in the class that you would like to research and share.
    • You can use multiple sources for this.
    • Examples:
      • Shale oil and tar sands
      • Tidal and wave energy
      • Residential energy use, balances, efficiency
      • Alternative heating and cooling strategies for homes
      • Fusion energy
      • Advanced concepts in engines to improve efficiency
      • CO2 sequestration technologies

Groups and presentations

  • Here’s a link to a google sheet for indicating your partner and team number.
  • Presentations must be uploaded to this folder before class starts.
  • Name the file Group_#_LastName_LastName.[pptx or pdf etc]
  • You and your partner should both participate in the presentation.