Confidence Interval Ideas

For this lab, you are directed to collect additional data for a given lab. You can use data you measured previously, if you gathered enough of it. You can also collect new data from equipment set up in the lab. Other ideas are shown below. Think about different quantities you can measure that are relevant to the different labs that we have done.

Many such measurements can be done away from the lab. Here are a few ideas:

  • Measure the flow rate of the water in your sink by using a volume measurement and a timer.
  • The external flow/drag experiment is easily repeatable as a home experiment. Coffee filters or other objects could be used, such as a ping pong ball, depending on the height.
  • If you take a picture of a falling column of water (like from a faucet, preferably laminar), you can use the Bernoulli equation to compute the flow rate by measuring the diameter of the water column at two points and the height difference between those points. Include a ruler in the picture to make visual measurements. The water bottle fillers on drinking fountains are good for this.
  • Be creative!